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BlogsterApp is an excellent App for the sharing of the contents of a real estate blog. It is flexible and it has some effective functions in order to implement a social media strategy for the company.

This is a very useful application for a real estate Community Manager and Content Curator, because it offers the possibility to generate a social media communication channel which is very easy to use.

BlogterApp allows the sharing of contents of a real estate blog through different social platforms, but it allows the real estate to share news, events and offers.

Through BlogsterApp, a real estate can implement its strategy of social media spreading taking into consideration the real estate´s specific necessities, creating an effective supervision of the reach and the results obtained from its real estate marketing strategy.

Functions of BlogsterApp for a real estate blog.


  • Direct synchronizing with the contents of the real estate blog (WordPress and Blogger).
  • Content Curator System to manage the new and expired content.
  • It allows the linking of up to 5 titles by content to share.
  • Automatic share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Reverse programming of the publishing order of the contents.
  • Outbox for editing and deleting contents.
  • Planning of a distinct spreading plan on the social media platform.
  • It brings an analyzing tool for the results.
  • Responsive Design (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

– Configure the real estate blog with BlogsterApp.

Control panel allows us to visualize the contents´ status. In this way, the Community Manager of the real estate will get more precise and detailed info in real time.

The control panel of BlogsterApp is divided into different sections and each blog used for the spreading of contents through BlogsterApp can be configured and personalized according to the necessities of the users.

Apart from including relevant info, on My Blog section we can discover more data on the website. The attached info by the user will allow us to enter to different extra functions, which are linked towards the achieving of the same target: content sharing.

The info that can be attached by the user could be:

  • Title of the blog.
  • Description of the site.
  • The category (25 already set).
  • Blog tags.
  • Set the country.
  • Include default hashtags.
  • Important info on the real estate blog (right lateral bar).
  • Image on an URL address (photo, logotype, etc.).
  • URL address of the real estate blog.
  • Linking platform (WordPress, etc.)
  • Last synchronizing date of the contents published.
  • Synchronizing status (active or passive).
  • Number of new posts and expired posts.
  • Shared titles.
  • Shared news.
  • Linked platforms.

– Under control posts of real estate blog.

Through the posts window, this app allows us to manage the status of the contents previously imported from the real estate blog. This is a very effective system for the recovery of contents, as we can choose any post to delete it from any social media used.

It is quite important for a real estate Content Curator to define the contents of the real estate blog that he/she wants to share or not. Through this system, the expired or not updated contents will be rejected from the sharing system.

In this way, we get to manage time better and get better levels of productivity.

In this area of BlogsterApp, the Community Manager can access:

  • The real estate blog article.
  • URL address of the content.
  • Previously assigned tags.
  • Publishing data.
  • Number of headlines.
  • Clicks achieved from every post.
  • Content attribute such as relevant.
  • Content search by title, URL address and tags.

– Different headlines for each article of the real estate blog.

BlogsterApp allows up to 5 variants of the original title of the contents, helping with the achieving of a better level of effectiveness on social media platforms.

In the same time, each of the variants can contain: images, hashtags and different mentions. It is important to understand that we do not need to change the URL address, as it stays the same from the beginning.

We only need to add or modify the previous elements. Apart from the option of different titles, this app shows the number of clicks got from each headline.

This helps when we want to strengthen the social media strategy of the real estate.

– Schedule: standard, reverse and random.

Schedule the contents to share with BlogsterApp has the target to set a predefined order, but it allows us to create a publication calendar, too. When we schedule the posts in a standard way, the application starts sharing the contents of the real estate blog in a chronological order (from the first post to the last and then it comes back to the set order).

The tool starts publishing the newest content to the oldest one, getting the first title always. Once all the posts are shared on all social media, the system starts again from the beginning and takes the second headline previously assigned.

In case we will not use the option of assigning 5 headlines to each content, the tool will use the title number one by default. After each “round” taken by BlogsterApp, its system will get again the titles already set from the first one to the fifth.

– Plan of spreading the contents of a real estate blog.

BlogsterApp allows us to use a special plan of sharing the contents on three different social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the same time, the sharing plan for each platform can be personalized.

This is an essential factor, as each social media platform is different (segmentation, schedules, frequency of publishing, etc).

The content share of BlogsterApp allows us to choose:

  • Days when to publish.
  • The time zone used (GTM).
  • Define four different time zones.
  • Maximum number of daily contents to be published.
  • Set priorities (low, high or excluded).
  • Minimum period of time (from 15 minutes to 2 hours).
  • Change the status from active to passive.
– Outbox of the messages to share.

On the outbox of BlogsterApp, the user can see the result of his/her actions (headline assigned to each content, different systems of spreading, etc.). BlogsterApp outbox is actualized automatically and it reflects the info correspondent.

Apart from the scheduled contents to be shared on each social media platform during the present day, we can also see the next updates up to the next 72 hours. BlogsterApp allows us to visualize the contents published on the platform a day before, during the last seven days or even for the whole month.

This is a very effective filter system which makes the supervising of status updates and the previously set schedule easier.

All content of the real estate blog that appears on that area has some very precise info:

  • Time zone chosen.
  • Day set.
  • Scheduled program.
  • Title of the content.
  • URL address.
  • Message status (pending, sent or error).
  • Icons to detect the contacts without images.
  • Cancel, edit or share the content in an instant.
– Analysis and statistics system on BlogsterApp.

On the background on the real estate marketing strategy and inside the area of social media platforms, it is quite essential to measure and analyze the results obtained from each action. In this way, BlogsterApp offers a complex control panel of statistics which brings the correct evaluation of the results obtained.

The filter system of the info through a control panel of statistics is very effective, mainly because it allows us to define the periods of time (hours, days, weeks, months, years and even a specific day of the week).

This info is showed on a graphic with different colors for each platform and this is good in order to analyze the data in a more simple way and the results can be isolated also if the user wants this. On the lateral right bar, the control panel of statistics reflects the list of the most clicked on ten headlines linked to each other for a better and specific supervision.

Just below that list we will find the list of the clicks achieved from each social media platform.

– Share the news of the real estate.

BlogsterApp shares the contents of the real estate blog but it offers to the real estate the possibility to program the posts with news on different social media platforms. These are the advantages of this function and its characteristics:

  • It generates a communication channel with the real estate community.
  • It shares relevant contents of third parties to the whole audience.
  • The real estate news can be scheduled.
  • This is a sharing system that brings good value to the shared contents.

BlogsterApp is an excellent tool for sharing the articles of the real estate blog and an effective app for the advertisement of the properties for sale.

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