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Interview with the CEO of BlogsterApp.


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Earlier before, we published an article on the functions and characteristics of BlogsterApp, a very effective tool for the spreading of the contents of a real estate blog.

Now, we share with you the interview with the CEO of BlogsterApp, Jesús González, in which he explains the particularities of this app from a different perspective.

Sharing the contents of the real estate blog with BlogsterApp.

What is BlogsterApp?

BlogsterApp is an online app able to guarantee the daily presence of individuals or companies on social networks, through the sharing of messages obtained from the relevant contents that the user has published on the blog.

In other words, BlogsterApp re-spreads the best entries of the blog on social networks without any effort. On this way, we achieve a good time saving.

This increase of the presence on social networks brings an increase on the followers´ interactions and it increases the number of visits on the real estate blog. This was thought in order to make the work invested on the blog more profitable and move the relevant content in a more effective way.

Without any doubts, it has some ideal functions in order to move the contents of the real estate blog inside the real estate sector.

Which are its main characteristics?

BlogsterApp is compabtible with Blogger, WordPress ORG (installed version on the web browser) and WordPress COM.

Once the entire content of the blog is indexed, the user marks as expired those entries that he does not want to share on the social networks anymore. The last step is to link the social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn and adjust them to the necessities of each community.

Starting from this moment, the app starts to automatically plan the work, following the necessities of each community.

In other words, BlogsterApp is converted in an ally in order to achieve productivity and a fast return of the inversion.

How did the idea of developing this app appear?

This app has been created from my own necessity of moving the contents of my blog in an automatic way.

After trying different apps, I have realized that the majority bring with them more time invested, writing and editing the message. This idea has been observed by experts on Social Media Marketing and it has been validated by other bloggers.

From that point my decision to dedicate all my effort in creating a team and developing an app and then launch it to the market appeared.

How long has it been on the market?

In December we have had our 1st birthday. BlogsterApp was launched on the 18th of December of 2014.

How can we use it in order to spread the real estate product?

One of the characteristics of the real estate product is the “no expiry” of the content of short term. In other words, this is a relevant content and it will always bring some value on social networks.

The increase of the visits on the real estate blog, the time saving and the guaranteed daily presence will increase the business opportunity for companies inside the real estate sector.

The final target is to sell and BlogsterApp favors the selling strategy of the real estate.

Does the platform allow us to share articles on different languages?

The important aspect is that we index all the content of webs and blogs created with WordPress ORG (apart from Blogger). If the blog uses multilingual support, yes, it is possible to index all the variants of the real estate blog.

The result is that we can manage and share each language on BlogsterApp as if it were for a different blog. Each blog on any language can be linked to a Twitter and/or Facebook account corresponding to its language.

Without any doubts, this tool offers versatility and productivity to move the content of the multilingual real estate blog.

On what platforms can the contents be shared?

At the moment, on Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn, but I can confirm you that soon they can be shared on Pinterest, LinkedIn Companies, Facebook Groups and Google Plus at the end of 2016, but this is not entirely up to us, it is up to Google in case it will accept our enquiry of integration.

Can the real estate Community Manager manage different sites from a single account?

After a year on the market, our experience shows us that the achievement of automate the planning process of the contents, the community manager can not only centre his efforts on aspect much more attractive, such as the new contents and brand followers, but he can also increase his capacity to increase his business up to 60%. How? By managing more clients´ accounts in the same time.

Remember that BlogsterApp becomes an ally, absorbing the taught and boring planning task and moving thousands of entries. All this means time saving which brings a higher capacity of business.

What does the statistics system of BlogsterApp consists of?

The target we aim with the statistics is to offer the users an easier reading and practice of the impact of the sharing on each social media linked. Apart from the statistics of what entries receive more visits or the peak hours with more activity. All this is shown in order to offer relevant data which will allow the user to adjust his strategy of spreading the relevant contents in time.

What benefits BlosgterApp brings to the real estate Content Curator?

Actually, BlogsterApp brings two types of contents. Firstly, there is the main content published on the real estate blog. Through this app, we can mark those entries that we do not want to share anymore as expired. This is the first level of content curation.

Secondly, there are the News, as we can add relevant news for the real estate sector in order to be also shared. In this way, we manage to position the brand in this real estate sector not only by our entries, but also by what we share with others.

It is highly important to manage a balance of the contents (main contents and third parties contents) in order to maximize a complete strategy of real estate social media.

Does it offer a plan that can be adjusted to the necessities of a real estate agent?

Nowadays, there are three Premium versions and one free. Each version offers a series of characteristics and according to his necessities, the user selects the preferred version.

I believe that the value of BlogsterApp is not shown by what the users pay, but by what they save, by the capacity to increase the business, visits and presence on social networks. We have had success with all versions, from people like particulars or bloggers and professionals, marketing agencies and community managers.

What time zones can be predefined in order to schedule the posts?

As I already stated before, BlogsterApp has the capacity to manage each language of the real estate blog in an independent way, adjusting the spreading of them in different ways.

Let´s take the example of Madrid Time Zone (Spain). We can adjust the time zone that we want for the Spanish version and another one for the English version. It is important to underline that each language can be linked with a Twitter and/or Facebook account.

Can the real estate change to a superior plan without losing its configuration?

Yes, of course, they can upgrade to another level and downgrade if necessary. There are no term agreements.

Which is the learning curve of BlogsterApp?

Thanks to the intuitive user interface of BlogsterApp, the helping material and the support assistance and due to the fact that the tool has been created in order to save time, learning how to use is just a matter of some hours.

Actually, the start-up has also been reduced to some minutes, thanks to a first step assistant that will guide the user to index his blog and link to social networks.

On what development phases are you centered at the moment?

As I stated before, we are now focusing on offering interfaces that can link with Pinterest and Google and launch a new English version of the App.

In 2016 we will keep innovating and adjusting the characteristics to the demands and feedbacks of the market. All updates are archived and offered to the clients through a monthly newsletter.

BlogsterApp received the 2nd award of TFInvierte Gold Edition in 2015. What conclusions did you get after that event and what are the future expectations?

The most important conclusion is that this product has been very much liked by the investors. This first year of launching and learning has brought a great knowledge of our product.

On the other hand, it was really appreciated that fact that the product has been on the market and it was give great power. Without doubts, this investment entry will allow us to revitalize the development and presence on the market.

During 2015, BlogsterApp had been evaluated with success inside the Red CIDE, earning the first award on LaunchTF organized by the Foundation of Language University. We are one of the two most promising Startups among all 14 that were presented to Tenerife StartupParty, according to an international jury composed by Nolan Busnell, the founder of Atari.

The really thank to the BlogsterApp´s CEO for his dedicated time for this interview that we are now sharing with you on the real estate blog of Costa Invest.

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