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Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin that can connect to several social networks to publish content automatically.

The complement also allows linking the real estate sites with other platforms to make automatic publications (blogging, social bookmarking, etc.).

Blog2Social includes very interesting features for real estate, such as the possibility of republishing properties for sale on social networks, something very important to reach different audiences with the same home at any time.

Only publishing the property on social networks once is not something effective, because the target audience that is reached is very limited, and that is why this plugin helps to promote the dissemination of a property for sale on the different platforms.

Blog2Social features.

  • 15 platforms for publishing content.
  • Automatically share pages and posts.
  • Publication of content from other sources (external to real estate).
  • Publications with hashtags and with outstanding image.
  • HTML edition to publish on Tumblr, Torial and Medium.
  • Complete administration of publications and pages of linked users.
  • Automatic publication of old content.
  • Compatible con Facebook Open Graph y Twitter Cards.
  • Automatically generate hashtags from the tags of the original posts.
  • Edit the information of the meta tags of the publications and the pages of the real estate site.
  • Free extension to save and share links in Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • Support (depending on the plan): documentation / email / telephone / help forum.
  • Number of connected social accounts (depending on the plan): 1/2/5/10.

Most of the features and functionalities of Blog2Social are free, however, some of them are only available in the complement payment plans.

However, the real estate agency can use a free account, limited to a user license (WordPress installation) to connect an account via social network.

  • Cross publications.

The plugin allows you to cross publications, combining the automatic with the manuals, and alternating the different accounts of the connected social networks.

The combination of automatic publications with manuals makes it easier to achieve better results, because in this way a larger audience with diverse content can be reached.

  • Programmer of publications.

The blogger of Blog2Social publications is very precise, making it easier to establish the best time to publish the contents of the real estate on social networks.

You can predefine schedules according to each platform and social account, using the random mode or defining a single recurring schedule.

  • Calendar of publications.

The calendar of publications of the complement is another very practical feature, because it establishes a publication plan and keeps an updated record of them.

The editorial calendar of publications on social networks is organized with the drag-and-drop system, and uses advanced filters to organize the programmed contents.

  • Feeds and content curation.

The real estate agency can link their feeds and those of third parties to publish content automatically (25, 50 and 100 per day and user depending on the license).

Feeds can be configured for better distribution of content on social networks, combined with scheduled, automatic and manual publications.

Platforms to publish with Blog2Social.

  • Facebook (profiles / pages / groups ).
  • Flickr (profiles).
  • Twitter (personal and corporate accounts).
  • Google My Business (publications on Google lists).
  • LinkedIn (profiles / pages).
  • Medium (publication with link to the original content).
  • Reddit (subreddits accounts).
  • Instagram (profiles).
  • I say (add bookmarks on account).
  • Bloglovin (publication with link to the original content).
  • Pinterest (segmented tableros).
  • Torial (publication with link to the original content).
  • Vkontakte (profiles / pages / groups ).
  • Xing  (profiles / pages / groups ).
  • Tumblr (publication with link to the original content).

Conclusions about Blog2Social.

It is a good option for real estate agents with limited budgets who want to enhance their presence on social networks, because the free license of the plugin allows you to use most of the available features.

The number of platforms is quite interesting, and the plugin links profiles, pages and groups, making it easier to achieve maximum dissemination for real estate publications.

However, the number of social accounts connected by platforms is somewhat limited, even in payment plans.

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