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The essential key of a blog for a real estate.

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Considering the statistics, the majority of blogs are a mess. Why does this happen? How can we get the ideal results from a real estate blog?

The real estate blog opens the way to profit and the thing is how much you can win if you know how to make use of it properly.

A blog for a real estate company is not much different from a normal basic one, although it has its own particularities and a well-defined purpose: getting more clients for the company.

In this way, the majority of blogs do not finish their job entirely, either because of huge errors they made or because not knowing some particular aspects.

Anyway, there are some basic factors similar to all blogs but we must take into consideration the existence of their differences also.

Moreover, the statistics say there are very few cases in which the real estate manage to sell through their blog, but there is an increase in the number of clients not buyers, with an average of one to three new clients.

The last statistics give us an average between four and twelve new clients for the company, clients whom we should consider “potential clients” caught with the help of the blog.

There are other factors that help to end a deal and right from the beginning, the agent is one of the most important pawn in this work.

So, what can we notice here? The fact that a blog can generate a sale, but it cannot succeed by its own.

However, if the blog is well managed and organized, it can help increasing the number of sale on your company. On the contrary, it would only be a loss of time for nothing.

How to get the maximum performance of a real estate blog. 

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Determination is a positive characteristic which will always give good results and this also works for a blog. Daily dedication for working on the blog is fundamentally needed and one must allocate at least two hours for this task.

The tasks must be effectively planned and managed, dividing the time by: the technical part of the blog, the investigation based on contents and its broadcasting.

On the other hand, there are some practical aspects which cannot be considered, but which can be understood by their numbers:

  • The minimum time necessary for Google and other followers to start taking into consideration a blog is of 90 days. Although, positive results can be achieved with the help of a good strategy of SEO within less than 60 days.
  • There is a minimum number of 100 daily visits so the blog could be ´alive´ although just before that number you can notice the positive results.

All these achievements are possible with a lot of work and dedication; there is no other mystery. In this area, time is priceless, because Google or other searchers on the Internet are using very clear criteria to index a new blog.

Patience is a quality that brings you the proper place in this spectacular virtual world which we call Internet.

On the other hand, apart from the money needed to promote and to invest in the marketing of the company, a high-quality of contents is needed to enter on different platforms on Internet.

The contents of high quality of a blog will actually be the main factor that will attract the clients to the real estate. To this, we should add other aspects needed in order to achieve the maximum performance of a blog:

  • Planning and commitment.
  • Daily dedication and determination.
  • Follow the SEO patterns.
  • Generate original and quality contents.
  • Search for a certain characteristic which makes the difference.
  • Publish the articles of the blog in other languages, too.
  • Introduce online and social media marketing strategies.

The main aim of the blog and some other remarks. 

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The commercial aim of having a real estate blog must be its target. The blog is part of a real estate so it means is part of an organizational project which has as a target gaining clients.

The blog is part of the business, too. With the help of the blog, the agency gains clients. In none of the cases, a real estate blog is to be considered a social community of friends. In this way, the supreme keyword of the real estate should be professionalism.

The blog must show the seriousness and professionalism of the real estate to which it is belonging. Any real estate which plans to introduce a blog in its strategy must start appreciate certain basic aspects:

  • What is actually a blog for real estate agencies?
  • What is its aim?
  • Why does a real estate need a blog?
  • How to manage a blog?
  • Who will be its manager?

Once those questions are clarified, it comes the planning part and the start of the project and then consider the strategies to be introduced and the evaluation of the reports.

Anyway, a well done and used the real estate blog is an excellent tool to increment the real estate´s sales and to create a great means of communicating the company´s positive values.

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