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Bing Ads and real estate marketing.

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Real estate marketing campaigns can be implemented from different point of views and through different strategies.

Similar to other advertisement systems offered by Google or Facebook, Bing Ads might become an effective complement for an ad campaign made by a real estate in Spain.

Advertisement systems offer several advantages on Internet.

Among them are the control of the economic investment made by the real estate, the supervising of the results obtained from objective data or even counting with platforms that include some effective tools.

In the same time, this type of campaigns for real estate online marketing allows the real estate in Spain to segment the objective public in a clear way, easing the process of getting potential buyers.

In this way, Bing Ads offers a very functional and effective advertisement system which can be configured according to the necessities of the real estate.

Bing Ads system for real estate marketing.

  • Importing the real estate marketing campaigns from Google to Bing.

Normally, real estate agencies in Spain implement Ads campaigns with Google, while Bing offers a simple and effective importing system.

This is a system that eases the reuse of the invested resources and it establishes a coherent strategy of real estate marketing.

The system of importing campaigns from Google to Bing Ads is very simple. We only need to start sessions on both platforms in the same time and follow some simple steps.

In order to optimize the real estate ad system, we will need to make some small adjustments once we have imported the data from Google Ads. As for example setting the time zone or the budget for a particular campaign.

  • Creating real estate marketing campaigns with Bing Ads.

A factor that characterizes the system of Bing Ads it has actually a simple use. The creation of a real estate marketing campaign on this platform requires only a small amount of time.

Searches of content campaigns are not available in all countries. However, this is possible inside the real estate sector in Spain.

The campaign of advertising products with images allows the real estate to advertise its products for sale or rent in a more effective way. Mainly because adverts of properties for sale with pictures are much more attractive to people.

By using this type of Ads on Internet, the conversion index is higher than the one for text Ads.

  • Configuration of a real estate campaign on BingAds.

As we previously stated before, both the creation of Ads campaigns on Bing as the importing of old one from Google are not difficult to use.

Microsoft´s ad platform offers a simplified control panel which allows us to adjust the details of the real estate marketing campaign in just a few moments. These are the factors to configure:

  • Name of the ad campaign: descriptive titles that underline the organization and the name of the real estate.
  • Set a time zone. When a real estate wants to segment the time zone (one for Spain and one for UK), it needs to create a campaign for each language used in the configuration.
  • Set the budget and the currency. Final budget can be adjusted or modified at any moment. This leads to the possibility of implementing different strategies.
  • Show the language of the Ads. The default language is English, so the real estate in Spain must make the necessary adjustments when segmenting by languages.
  • Segment by geolocation. Geo-locating the Ads can be set by countries, regions, towns or postal code.

Managing a real estate marketing campaign on Bing Ads.

  • Keywords of a real estate advert.

In every real estate marketing campaign implemented through the Ads system, keywords are essential in order to get positive results.

Bing offers a very effective tool in order to define the keywords that are perfectly adjusted to the real estate necessities, focusing on the segmentation of the targeted public and the areas.

This tool that helps the real estate to define the keywords offers the following functions:

  • Inserting dynamic keywords in order to be automatically inserted inside the Ads. Depending on the search made by the user, Bing inserts a title linked to the URL of the most relevant purpose or text.
  • Using negative keywords or phrases so the real estate adverts will not be linked to irrelevant contents of the real estate website, no matter if the search made by the user contains one or more keywords.
  • Avoiding duplicated entries, by trying to use variants and more specific terms. That is why Bing offers the possibility to create a keyword list through the Intelligence Ads system.
  • Ads extensions and group creation.

Ads extensions allow us to strengthen the call to action for targeting the users, who might also be potential buyers.

These extensions can target different actions such as real estate website visits, calls or achieving the clients to visit the real estate office.

Creating different Ads groups might result a very practical utility for a real estate, as it eases the specific targeting of the public by languages and nationalities.

Geographic segmentation can be differential by creating Ads on properties for sale in Spain for English clients and offering rentals of apartments in Orihuela Costa for the Polish clients.

Segmentation of the real estate Ads can be configured according to the following variables (Advanced Segmentation Options):

  • Scheduling the Ads by days and particular hours.
  • Demographic segmentation by sex and age.
  • Segmentation by technologic devices used.

Optimizing the real estate marketing campaign on Bing Ads.

  • Optimizing the budget of the real estate.

The level of optimization of the real estate ad and a certain implemented campaign will help the real estate to obtain better qualified results.

Bing brings the possibility to make adjustments of the budget targeting certain clients, so the Ads will be shown to a segment of potential buyers inside a major audience.

  • Controlling the activity of the potential buyers.

It is really important to measure the efficiency of the real estate Ads and Bing brings the possibility to make a follow up of the conversion level.

The real estate can supervise the direct result of the published Ads, setting specific targets and linking them to a following up system or tag:

  • Achieved traffic of the website by properties.
  • Properties rentals.
  • Subscriptions to the real estate newsletter.
  • Calls from potential buyers.
  • Visit requests for the properties for sale.
  • Enquiries on the chat or Skype.
  • Emails received from users.
  • Visits on the contents of the real estate blog.

In order to achieve this, the real must only place a script in the right place, which links the ad to a certain place on its web or real estate blog. In this way we will manage a follow up of the users´ behavior and the results obtained.

  • Improve the visibility of the real estate Ads.

These are some of the recommendations that Bing offers in order to improve the visibility of the Ads published on its platform:

  • Increase the relevance of the ad by linking the keywords correctly to the target page.
  • Create more efficient Ads by segmenting the audience by language and regions and making clear the content and the target.
  • Increase the relevance of the target page: correctly showed and presented properties for sale and properties for rent, high quality blog articles, etc.
  • Adjust the budget by taking as reference all the keywords used, options to segment the targeted public and different other variables.

Bing Ads offers a very complete system of elaborating automatic reports which allows us to adjust the campaign of real estate marketing according to the business necessities of the real estate in Spain.

In the same time, the reports based on objective data are the most effective way to get better results.

Microsoft´s ad platform offers 18 types of different efficiency reports which are useful in order to analyze the factors that are part of the strategy of real estate online marketing.

Source: advertise.bingads.microsoft.com

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