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The bathrooms of properties for sale.

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During the last years, the bathrooms of the properties have not been seen as traditional rooms for the personal hygiene anymore; they have been considered as relaxing places.

For the owners of properties for sale, the bathroom must be one of their priorities at the moment of renovating the property in order to increase the possibilities of selling their properties.

The bathrooms of the properties for sale must inspire hygiene, intimacy, tranquility and even relaxation. For the kids of the family, the bathroom represents a playground, especially for the children up to 5 or 6 years old.

Anyways, the owners of properties for sale do not get to understand that the bathrooms are very important areas inside the property.

Neither they understand the bathrooms might affect individuals in a psychological way or any element from the environment that has nothing to do with the individual´s basic necessities.

Comfort and functionality are the factors which must be taken into consideration when designing and structuring the bathrooms.

The bathroom is the area where we start and finish the day (for some of us before going to bed). This is the area of personal hygiene which brings intimacy and allows us to take a relaxant shower at the end of the day or after finishing our work out.

Nowadays, the majority of the properties in Orihuela Costa (Spain) count with more than one bathroom (but not all of them). Some properties around this area count with two or even three bathrooms that come by default.

Usually, apartments, bungalows or villas are built with a minimum of two bathrooms (one for the daily use and one en suite bathroom).

The social bathroom is the one for the daily use and is the one used when guests are invited.

Normally, this bathroom is usually smaller than the second one and it contains the basic elements for a correct personal hygiene. Some of these bathrooms are used to place the washing machine and they can also bring a shower.

There are many properties for sale in Orihuela Costa that count with more bathrooms and some of them are known as “suite”. The en suite bathroom I normally found in the main bedroom and it can only be accessed from that bedroom.

Anyways, the bathrooms of a property are very important areas that we must consider both when we want to sell the property or buy one.

As we have already mentioned before, the bathrooms of the properties have become functional areas with the passing of the years which require certain elements, not that traditional elements unlike last decades.

This means that nowadays, there are still many properties that have outdated bathrooms. This means those bathrooms are really old or they lack some elements which are trendy at the moment.

On the other hand, the bathrooms of properties for sale might become a huge problem both for the owners as for the potential buyers. They are important areas inside a property and they can hold a huge number of problems.

Bad conditioned pipes, small sinks or no space problems might become negative factors for a property for sale.

Update the bathrooms of the properties for sale.

Nowadays, making changes in the bathrooms in order to update their appearance or providing new elements of great need is not a huge economic investment.

In the same time, investing on the bathrooms of a property brings added values, because the clients will show special interest and attention to those areas.

These are the main elements that will bring value to the bathroom of a property for sale:

  • Bathrooms with a functional and modern design.

The first impression is the one that counts. If the bathrooms of the property don’t count with an attractive design, this will become a negative factor.

Tiles are one of the most important element from the decorative point of view. Changing the white tiles with ones with other designs might become a very attractive factor for the clients.

Combining colors of the tiles in the bathrooms or using the same by alternating designs could become also a very attractive factor.

The bathrooms whose walls are covered with tiles give a hygienic and attractive aspect. They are also very effective at the moment of cleaning them.

There are also special paintings which can be combined for the different areas of the walls along with the tiles. We must remind the fact that the bathroom is the area linked to hygiene and one of the areas prone to humidity and fungus.

  • The washbasin and the pipes of the bathrooms.

A modern washbasin with a water tap will result very functional but attractive also. There is a huge variety of washbasins on the market: transparent (glass), colored or having different connection types.

The washbasins hold by the furniture (a traditional and economic type of washbasin) are really efficient for any social bathroom. They are functional as they save space, but they are also very practical.

The trend for the en suite bathrooms is to use double washbasins, mainly because the majority of couples like to share this space. This is also a very practical option, which will also bring a nice design to the bathroom.

  • Cosmetic appearance of the bathrooms.

All renovation of the design, paintings, washbasins and the colors of the bathrooms are considered ¨cosmetic¨ changes. We call it this way, because it is like the owners want to change the make-up of their bathrooms. This is just a simple analogy, but quite precise on certain aspects.

When changing the washbasins or other elements of the bathrooms we manage to create attractive designs, by installing the suitable lights, we will bring a more positive effect to the property.

A bathroom which has an incorrect lightning will appear as outdated and sometimes even mournful.

If the bathrooms count with natural light, this is perfect. However, there are many bathrooms that lack the windows some reasons.

  • The floors of the bathrooms.

Here is where we combine functionality with esthetics, trying to find the balance between these two. We need to turn to common sense and apply it as soon as possible.

Some types of floors are not practical at the moment of cleaning the bathrooms. They should not be coursed or too absorbent either.

The colors of the floor tiles must go hand in hand with the color of the wall tiles and the painting used, as much as possible.

  • Update the bathtubs and the showers of the bathrooms.

The same as the washbasins, the bathtubs and the showers can be used a lifetime, which means that the majority of the owners of properties for sale will not change them too soon.

However, an outdated bathtub or shower will easily make the buyer understand the time they were installed. The recommendation is to choose neutral or classic elements.

Since several years ago, showers have come with massage systems, digital screens and even wireless connections to different devices.

However, there is no need to put too much money on them, as you need to find the balance between what is functional and what is practical.

Bathtubs that some time ago were considered outdated, now they are ¨vintage¨ or ¨retro¨ and they are in trend these years. They offer a different aspect to the bathrooms, but they occupy some important space.

The bathtubs with legs are more used than the ones attached to the walls. Anyways, it is not recommended to use curtains for any type of bathtub, as they are not really attractive, nor practical.

  • Mirrors and other accessories.

The mirror is the main protagonist of any bathroom. It is the element used by any member of the family or anyone who sometimes visits the property.

The mirror of a bathroom has a very practical function, although not too many persons realize it.

The size of the mirror must not be too small. In terms of its design, this depends on the personal choices of the owners of properties. They can be beveled or smooth, framed or not, etc.

The basic accessories for the mirror are the lights and the electricity sockets (for the hairdryers or shaving machines). Soap dishes, towels and other elements are good to decorate the bathroom, as they can be attractive or even funny.

The bathroom represents one of the most important areas of the house both for the owners of properties for sale as for those who want to buy a property, although this aspect is not taken into consideration as it should.

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