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Increase the real estate productivity with Basecamp.


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Basecamp is an efficient tool used to increase the real estate productivity that makes the team work easier and it helps the real estate to communicate to third parties in an easier way.

Basecamp seems to be a very effective platform for the management of individual projects of every real estate agent, but the former´s main characteristic is mostly related to team working.

The strongest feature of this tool is based on collaboration, on the coordinated work and the info interchange between persons that work inside a real estate.

Generating positive synergies is an essential factor in order to increase the real estate productivity and apart from the internal management of the real estate, this tool generates links with third parties such as collaborators, independent realtors and other real estate agencies.

In the same time, Basecamp reinforces the links with the clients, as its system is targeting this objective.

Basecamp is not a management platform designed for the real estate sector, but it can be accepted as we do with the majority of other similar tools. A real estate is still a company, so we can admit that all tools for internal management are adaptable to the real estate´s necessities.

Basecamp characateristics applied to a real estate.

– Main characteristics offered by Basecamp for a real estate.
  • Individual or collective project management.

  • Work calendars created for specific tasks.

  • Set deadlines with automatic reminders.

  • Division of the targets according to tasks assigned.

  • Define responsibilities and competences of each member.

  • Share and edit documents among the members of the real estate.

  • Generate conversational threads in order to reinforce communication.

  • Publish requirements and enquires for other members of the team.

  • Activity notifications by email.

  • Centralized system of info flow.

  • Added agenda in order to manage appointments and meetings.

  • Register the time invested in each task in an individual way.

  • App for mobile platforms (Android, iPad, etc.).

  • Friendly and functional user interface.

– Benefits brought by Basecamp to a real estate.
  • It eases the internal communication.
  • It strengthens the external channels of communication.
  • It improves the real estate team´s efficiency.
  • It allows us to increase the individual and collective level of productivity.
  • It is good for avoiding problems and it maximizes the human resources department.
  • It offers a very complete vision of the project´s development.
  • It eases the supervising of the time invested by each real estate agent.
  • It minimizes the incidents rate and the errors.
  • It is useful as a tool of instant answer to any enquiry.
  • Positive synergies are reinforced and this favors the achievement of good results.
– Negative aspects of Basecamp to consider.

– Basecamp has some functional characteristics that can be seen as weak and negative points. This depends on each real estate and the way to manage the economic, technical and human resources.

Basecamp is an online platform and the project management must be implemented likewise.

– Regarding the training, this tool has a high learning demand. Depending on the level of experience and training of the real estate team , this tool might show some difficulties to some people.

– The price of the platform is strongly based on the functions it offers. For a real estate with low economic limits, a basic plan would be the best option. However, if we use the project management system, we will be able to access those functions.

– Maximum capacity of storage offered by Basecamp is 1TB, which might result not enough for a big real estate.

Basecamp functions for a real estate.

– Basecamp and real estate communication.

For a real estate is essential to get good levels of internal communication, to manage the time invested by each real estate agent and to achieve that its projects count with a minimum level of functional coordination.

Moreover, Basecamp allows us to manage different projects in an independent and simultaneous way, but they can also be linked to each other.

On the other hand, internal projects of the real estate seem to be very difficult to implement and the intervention of other organizational figures is needed apart from the real estate agents.

– Real estate projects defined by roles.

For more requirements of more complex organizational necessities of the real estate, Basecamp brings the possibility to manage different teams, not only those assigned to projects but also those that are directly linked to each internal organizational role.

The previous characteristic of this platform strengthens the real estate productivity, as it uses different functions in a different way in order to complete most of the present necessities of the real estate.

– All real estate actions stored.

A feature characteristic of Basecamp is its info restoration system. All projects imply creation and interchange of info, as also protecting the info generated in different phases of the real estate projects. Each real estate agent´s actions that are linked to the project will be saved by the system. This brings a better management of the resources in order to coordinate them in an effective way.

Implementing a real estate intranet is an important action, both for the organizational and business levels and Basecamp brings this function.

If a project is managed and each action is not registered, it means they do not actually exist.

The info interchange produced among the members of a real estate, linked or not to a project are also seen as proofs for the task completed.

– Management of the time spent on the real estate projects.

An effective management of the time inside the real estate sector is essential in order to get good results. In this way, Basecamp allows us supervise the time spent by each real estate agent in a more accurate way. This applies to the whole collective group also.

In the same time, we need to add the unexpected events on the activity registers, but also the possible circumstances that could condition or harm the project development.

Any real estate project can be affected by accident by internal or external incidents. That is why we need to register them for a later evaluation.

Any element, both internal as external that affects a real estate project must be taken into consideration when analyzing the obtained results.

Real estate projects are an essential element for both the organization and the business and Basecamp manages to maximize the obtained results.

Improving the internal efficiency of the project management of a real estate is vital. From the organizational point of view, a project is seen as an individual or collective action.

Real estate must plan and set projects. The phases of a selling process must also be considered as a project.

The change of perspective in terms of selling a property is very important and if we see it as a project, we will realize that there are many projects started, developed and closed inside a real estate.

Nowadays, the selling of properties requires a completely different treatment that the traditional one. The real estate will get only good results if it changes the management way.

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