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The assertive real estate agent.

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For a real estate agent, being assertive is something essential, which permits him/her to create interpersonal relations inside the real estate environment and this will highlight the professional development increasing the productivity.

The assertive estate agent and his social abilities.

Social abilities and assertiveness are two concepts understood as synonyms and we all know assertiveness is part of social abilities. If we are asked to be specific on the definition of an assertive real estate agent, we should do it separately.

In this article, we will try to get to a more complex level with the definition of the social abilities of a real estate agent and we will do this taking into consideration the importance a professional has.

In order to become an assertive real estate agent, the latter should be firstly effective when using his social abilities. Anyone who does not have any skills on social abilities could never become an assertive agent.

Example of an assertive real estate agent.

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In order to show better what an assertive real estate agent really means, we will use a simple example in which we will introduce a potential buyer and another real estate agent.

A potential buyer interested on buying a certain property from a real estate enters in the office to organize a viewing for that certain property.

The problem occurs when the real estate agent sees the keys of that property are not available on that moment because another agent is showing the house on the same day to other clients.

To make it more difficult, we could pretend the other agent forgot to leave the keys at the office and left to his home. In that moment, the real estate agent faces a quite complex scenario and not only for him but for the whole real estate because the brand´s image could be committed.

In this case, the real estate agent´ viewing is harmed and by another member of the company and by any means, he must resolve the situation becoming assertive in his behavior, both with the client as with his colleague.

We must always remind ourselves the client has no fault for the other agent´s negligence and we should know the way to p0roceed is also very important so we never damage the real estate´s image.

Having as a base the previous scenario, the real estate agent has the following options and must be assertive in order to get the best possible result:

  1. Apologize to the client and kindly ask him to view the property another day.
  2. Communicate with his colleague and make him a fuss.
  3. Ask his negligent colleague to help him get out from the situation.

If the real estate agent really wants to achieve the selling of the property with the possible buyer, options 1-2 are not valid at all. On the contrary, this could damage not only the selling process, but also his and the real estate´s image as professionals.

In order to get to the extreme situation in which you ask the possible buyer to postpone the viewing, the real estate agent should hand a solid argument, because a real estate agent should always be correct, serious and respectful to his clients during the entire selling process and this means to value all the possibilities.

On the other hand, an assertive real estate agent should never lose his temper and by no means, he should never be aggressive with his clients.

An assertive real estate agent cannot and should never get dominated by his own feelings and shall never be overwhelmed. He has the control of his own and this permits him manage the situation satisfactorily no matter how uncomfortable this would get.

The valid option for an assertive real estate is the last one, which is actually asking his colleague to do the possible and bring him the keys of the property. He should also make his colleague to understand the importance of attending a buyer client.

When does a real estate get assertive?

There are a lot of extended and negative ideas of what being assertive means, developed by different cultural and social styles.

We should make a correct difference between what being assertive really means and for this it is highly important to differentiate between assertiveness and passivity and aggression.

Most of the time, we confuse education with submission when a person stays calm saying nothing instead of asking for arguments as a means of explication. As one has the right to express freely, the other has also the right to ask for explications based on arguments.

It is no need a real estate agent to convert into an aggressive person, who does not listens or only adopts a systematic position.

The assertive real estate agent should find the balance between knowing how to value his opinion without making any excess of his social abilities. In other words, he should not adopt a passive attitude but should not either get aggressive.

We should take the patterns of the behaviors mentioned above, the aggressiveness and assertiveness and from there, we should start expose the lies related to behavior and the ways used by the agent and we should state:

  • Interrupting persons is always a sign of negative behavior.

Any person who has the right to interrupt another person in search for explications and arguments, especially when the latter detects the receiver talks too much for nothing.

The assertive real estate agent knows to bring arguments and ask for explications.

For example, if during the weekly real estate meeting the real estate agent has any doubt, should stop the others and ask for better explications. The misunderstanding of a thing does not mean be less intelligent than the others.

The real estate agent should ask for more explications if he wants to be become an assertive agent.

  • The problems are never shared.

When a problem is shared, the person makes the other understand the problem he is facing and this will only clarify the behaviors which normally are understood differently, and this will create confusion and errors.

The assertive real estate agent knows when to ask for help and knows better than anyone his limits. Asking for help on time avoids getting to situations of major gravity.

  • If the other has a problem just help him.

Helping someone is one thing but feeling obliged to do it is another thing and we know that most of the times, the one that is trying to help, ends being judged.

The assertive real estate agent knows when and how to help the other colleague, taking into consideration the signals of the environment and starting being proactive.

  • Not adapting to others is a minus.

Adapting to the real estate´s system is a thing, but accepting everything without questioning is something very different.

An assertive real estate agent knows to say no, without forgetting his role as part of the real estate team.

  • He/she is above my rank.

The bad understanding of a hierarchy rank which damages the rights of the colleagues is a totally different thing than the hierarchical pyramid of the real estate.

An assertive real estate agent, no matter the real estate´s organizational structure, will never permit to have his rights touched.

Assertiveness techniques for a real estate agent.

There are a lot of techniques to get to be assertive and for a real estate agent is essential to get to dominate as much techniques as possible.

The basic techniques in order to become assertive require the use of the following elements:

  • Active listening.

Active listening as means to start creating effective communication forms inside all environments where the agent actions.

  • The argument.

The argument as a tool for the agent in order to base his ideas and to ask the others for a justification.

  • The rapport.

The rapport as a way to achieve generating empathy with others, a very useful tool for the real estate agent.

  • Questioning.

Questioning as a non-aggressive means for the interlocutor should create a well-argued and coherent way of thinking.

  • The self-esteem.

The self-esteem as the place where the real estate agent stands when expressing his ideas without becoming too arrogant.

  • The common point.

The common point as the facilitator for the understanding which is based on leaving the stereotypes aside in order to get along with the others.

  • The circumstances.

The circumstances as the element that highlights people´s behavior. The assertive real estate agent should understand the environment and its circumstances.

  • Emotional dissociation.

Emotional dissociation as the strategy to avoid the emotions that limit our efficiency. The assertive real estate agent should be able to leave aside his emotions and think rationally.

The assertive real estate agent generates positive synergies inside the real estate and he manages to create effective links with the clients, becoming an active and valuable business person for the real estate agency.

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