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Analysis on the real estate blog and webpage (2).

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In the previous article we started talking about the main resources offered by the tools for webmasters and how the real estate should interpret them in order to implement an effective marketing strategy through its web and blog.

Now we will analyze other related aspects such as: the way in which the pages of a real estate webpage are tracked by the search engines, how do the links influence the website´s visibility, the importance of the marking of structured data on the Internet and other several elements very important, too.

Real estate websites and their generated data.

– The tracked pages of the real estate websites.

The tools for webmasters show us the percentage of the pages tracked by a search engine, the possible errors of the tracking and the state of indexation of the real estate website´s pages. This is very simple to understand.

No matter how many contents does the real estate generate through its webpage or blog, if they are not well indexed by the search engines, they will not be seen by anyone. That is why it is so important to analyze the state of indexation of the contents of a real estate agency on the Internet, because there is no other way to find out if the work is well done.

If we start from the fact that the contents of the real estate should be easily found on the Internet, it is essential the search engine index all the contents published correctly.

For example, if the real estate publishes a hundred properties for sale per month on its webpage and they are not correctly indexed by the search engines, nobody will find them when they will search on the Internet.

It is important to take into consideration that all the contents of a real estate published on the Internet should be correctly indexed by the search engines. In this class enter all the articles of a real estate blog up to all the pictures of the properties for sale the real estate has published on its website.

– The external links that lead to the real estate´s websites.

It is highly important to get a high level of qualified backlinks for the website and the blog of a real estate and is essential to achieve a good visibility and really important to manage to analyze the means to increase the number of received links.

In other words, we are talking about those links that send the users directly to the real estate website and blog from other pages. On the other hand, the number and the quality of the backlinks received determine the visibility- they have an important function.

Especially when talking about this subject, we have to specify that most of the tools used to analyze the number of backlinks or links of the real estate will bring different results.

None of them will show the exact number of links achieved by a web or blog.

The tools for webmasters, they only present the links received but not the exact number. They only show us illustrative data.

– The internal links of the real estate web and blog.

The external links that lead the users towards the real estate website are very important for the visibility of the real estate and the internal links that are generated manually or automatically do the same. The internal links are those that lead the user to another area or content of the website once they are inside the real estate website.

Example: in the case of the real estate blog, is very important that below each article the user could easily find other contents related. In the case of the real estate website, the internal links can link one property with another as if they were “related properties“.

Let´s suppose the user enters the real estate website in order to see a specific product for example a bungalow and he will find other links that relate to other bungalows that the real estate have for sale.

The internal links are not just important in order to maintain a user on the real estate website for a longer time, they also help us in the moment of indexing the internal generated links and this increases the possibilities of achieving a better visibility on the Internet.

– Security problems on the real estate websites.

Nowadays, the problems of security become a real pain for any webmaster and ido not forget to count with the tools in order to be able to detect the good working of the real estate on Internet.

The real estate must be sure its page and blog are well clean of any malware, because this implies a huge penalty from the main users of the Internet.

A penalty for a malware found in any of the websites represents a huge damage on different levels.

Apart from the noticeable preventive measures of minimum security that should be adopted by the real estate on the Internet, the tools for webmasters should offer specific resources to detect possible contaminations of malwares.

If the contents of the real estate or real estate blog are contaminated by a malware, this type of resources offered by the webmasters tools will detect it immediately.

– The highlighted data on the real estate websites.

The tools for testing the structured data and the special assistants designed for them have a great utility because they analyze how the users see the search results on the real estate website. It is important when the users find contents of real estate this should be correctly structured in order to get a higher level of effectiveness.

In the same time, the tools for testing the structured data are useful because they help us to validate the contents of the real estate email.

They allow a specific search and correct the structured contents in order to be valid.

The correct highlighting of the structured data of a real estate agency, should not be underestimated, because every details counts or rests and at the end everything will depend on how the things are done in order to get the expected results.

– The search of keywords on a real estate website.

A real estate should have some keywords in the positioning of its contents.This is the key of achieving a good SEO strategy and get a good visibility of the real estate sites on the Internet. Generally, the tools for webmasters offer a resource of high utility and this is related to the keywords the real estate uses.

This is a specific and useful search device. This resource allows the real estate to detect the quantity of the keywords searched. The tools for organic search of keywords are an effective resource which reflects the results of those searches and they also allow a segmentation of the results based on countries or languages.

For an international real estate, the possibility of dividing the organic results by countries or language is a very useful element. This allows the achievement of a higher level of effectiveness in the strategy of positioning and so we achieve a higher number of buyers.

Some tools for webmasters, not all of them, storage the data generated by the results of the organic searches up to 6 months and they are updated automatically every two weeks.

This is a very practical resource for any real estate because it allows a comparative analysis and interpretation of the results obtained with the keywords. In this way, we could make the needed changes and so get better results.

In the next article we will keep analyzing the resources offered by the tools for webmasters and how they help a real estate in developing its strategy of Branding on Internet.

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