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Analysis on the real estate blog and webpage (1).

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For a real estate, the possibility of analyzing precisely the data obtained from its blog and website through its marketing strategy it is highly important.

A real estate web or a real estate blog should be intensely analyzed to see the results.

In the same time, we must not forget that a real estate blog, webpage or any other existent platform are actually an investment.

Those resources invested by the real estate are known from economical to human resources which cover the aspects for a correct management of them.

That is why, it is important that a real estate should analyze as precisely as possible the results from its real estate blog and its webpage.

How could a real estate analyze the results obtained from its blog and webpage?

This is a very simple process: the real estate could analyze the results with the help of different available tools for webmasters. The thing is that, no matter what tool is used, the owner or the responsible of the company should definitely know to interpret the results.

If the real estate does not manage to interpret the obtained data, it will not be in condition to evaluate the results obtained. The analysis of the obtained data, divided into generated reports and then into activities of a blog or website are very important because in this way we realize that the implemented strategy works perfectly.

Right from the beginning, the owner of a real estate or a real estate agent should not necessarily have technical knowledge on this subject and the webmaster responsible for maintaining the real estate blog and real estate website should train them.

We know the data derived from reports is coming from the tools for webmasters and there are only numbers that do not mean anything for an untrained person.

How should we gather the data from a blog and real estate web?

It is also simple, because all the tools for webmasters generate a code which should be inserted in the web and blog´s template of the real estate. After its validation is ready, the system starts gathering automatically data and processes it.

Depending on the content tool used for the blog or website of a real estate, those following codes could also be placed outside the template as is the case of WordPress. It is highly important to stress on the fact that those codes used to gather and process the data of a real estate blog or website, allow us to sign in to Google, Microsoft, Yandex and other search browsers.

This is a really practical thing and mostly effective, because it facilitates the sending of the SiteMaps generated periodically and so we could index the contents easier and in a more effective way. Right from the beginning, each platform uses its own code of following. It is obvious that the first step is to sign into the web and blog of the real estate with Google, Microsoft, Yandex, etc.

There is thing to clarify, the fact that I will not analyze any technical characteristic in particular, because I will confuse the readers. On the other hand, all references I will make are related to functional characteristics offered by tools such as Google, Microsoft and Yandex.

Every tool for webmasters is totally understood and dominated only with experience, trainings and analyses of every feature of them. I will be as simple and clear as possible in my explanations, so that any owner or responsible of a real estate could understand them easily.

This should not be understood as a technical book on the uses of tools for webmasters, this is just a simple functional sketch of those tools and their main characteristics.

Data needed to be considered by any real estate.

When I am referring to the tools for a webmaster, I actually talk about those that offer a higher level of segmented info in order to be easily processed and I am not speaking of the basic tools of SEO. We need to clarify that we might find loads of online tools on Internet to analyze a real estate webpage or blog, although most of them are not very good.

There are professional tools for the good analysis of data obtained from a blog or webpage. On the other hand, normally the real estate receives data through reports generated by platforms such as Google or Microsoft.

The tools for webmasters offered by Google and Microsoft (with the help of Bing) are the most used by the technicians to gather, analyze and process the data obtained by the activities from a blog and a webpage.

We should analyze now the main characteristics of the tools for webmasters. They are important for the real estate in order to analyze the data obtained and get the maximum level of efficiency and productivity.

– The traffic data of the websites of a real estate.

Right from the beginning, this is the first data to be analyzed by the real estate, because it is highly important its website and blog to have a good level of traffic.

I general terms, that info is usually segmented on periods of time and it is interesting to make some comparisons on the level of traffic received for the website of the real estate.

– The searches related to the real estate.

A real estate must understand what enquires are made on the search engines which got the clients to our website or blog, because this determines the users´ preferences.

Those preferences are specifically linked to the website on the internet and should never be mixed up with other tools such as Google Trends.

– CTR and the links of the users.

In the searches made by the users, we can find other parameters that should be taken into consideration by the real estate like the CTR (Click Through Ratio).

Those searches are the result of what the search engines have outlined when the users made their searches.

It generates a percentage of the clicks named derived CTR and it shows the number of times the user clicked on the real estate website.

– The average position of the real estate on the search results.

The average position reflects the maximum position that the real estate web has got on searches. The average position obtained and the specific searches of the users plus the number of prints and clicks and by combining all these with the CTR percentage we get a quite exact idea of the location of the real estate ´s failures and good points.

The previous characteristics offer data, which if combined and interpreted, they might clarify the most found contents on the Internet. We understand which are the properties mostly searched or which are the articles of the real estate blog that had a great impact.

In the following article we will analyze other resources offered by the tools for webmasters. These will also be very useful for the real estate agency in order to get the correct interpretation of the generated data.

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